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Get the location and lot you want but have a brand new home in an established community with no HOA.
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Property Information for 5134 West Jerling Drive in the Alpine Country Club

How to Show the Property: The property is on a remote access lock system and can be opened with a 10 minute showing notice. Please text a picture of your Photo ID to 720-350-1210. Once it is received and verified we can open the door.

Address of Property: 5134 West Jerling Drive, Highland, Utah 84003 – LINK TO ZILLOW LINK TO 3D RENDER

Location: Lot is .28 Acres and backs to the Alpine Country Club Golf Course (Hole 1) – and backs to the American Fork Canyon Ditch (stream) – Beautiful Mountain View’s of Lone Peak.

Size and Features: 4226 Total Finished Square Feet. Two story home and is framed as a 6 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom home with a finished basement. 2 Car Garage with RV or Boat Parking to right of garage.

Upstairs – 4 Bedrooms including a master bedroom with balcony and walk in closet and 2 bathrooms (5 piece master bathroom and 1 full bathroom)

Main Level – It has a main floor study, formal dining room, formal living room, family room, kitchen, main floor laundry/mud room, and half bath

Basement – Has two bedrooms, one full bathroom, a non confirming bedroom that can be used as a craft room/play room/storage room, large recreation room, and space for an optional kitchen/bar. It has an exterior exit that has stairs leading up to the back yard.

About: This home has a very unique backstory. We inherited this home from some family members. They were contractors and were in the process of building this home but never finished it.  They built the home as they went along because they did not want to take out any loans on the property. Because of bad health and lack of money, they never finished the property.  It was completed up to the Drywall stage and then all construction was stopped. It has never had a Certificate of Occupancy.

After we took over the home, we met with the City of Highland to see what we needed to do to get the property up to current building codes.  We found out that the final inspections were never performed by the city for drywall, electrical or plumbing.  So they requested that we remove the drywall to see what was behind the walls and to check for plumbing and electrical. Because the property can’t be grandfathered into the code, the city has requested that all plumbing, electrical, insulation, and all windows and doors be replaced to comply with current codes. They also had us tear out a section of stucco in the back of the house to see if the walls had water damage.

We just replaced the roof with a 30 year architectural shingle. The front and back landscaping has been removed and all tree stumps and dead trees have been removed from the property.

We are selling the property “As Is”. It would work like a new home construction project. You would get a construction loan, hire a General Contractor and finish it however you want.  You could design the layout, move walls, reconfigure existing floorplan, pick out the options and upgrades, decide on carpet, flooring, cabinets, etc…

“As Is” Asking Price is $429,000.  We just installed a new roof, removed the drywall and old insulation, removed the front yard sod, and removed all the stumps and dead trees in the back yard. Estimates to finish the entire property including the basement is right around $185,000 -$210,000. The price does include a Realtor Commission of $13,000.  So, if you do not have a realtor the price will be $416,000.  We are firm on our price and will not negotiate lower.

After Repair Value – is estimated at $725,000-$800,000 depending on finish level.

Property Taxes: 2019 Taxes were $2,002.17

HOA: None

Optional Alpine Country Club Membership is available offered by Country Club. Dining, pool and golf memberships available

Optional Addition to Current Structure:
The City of Highland said it would be possible to extend the back of the house an additional 10-12 feet.  That would extend the Master Bedroom, the Kitchen and Family Room.  You could also add a 2nd story vault in the family room. It would add a total of 500 Square Feet.

Optional Detached Garage:
The City of Highland will also allow you to add a 2 car detached garage to the property.  It can be located in the far back side of the house.

What needs to be done:

Exterior – New Gutters, New Windows, New Front and Back Door, New Siding on back of home with either Stucco or LP Smartside Lap Siding.

Interior – New Electrical, New Plumbing, Insulation, Drywall, New HVAC duct work, 2 Furnaces, 2 Air Conditioning Units, Stair Railings, Trim, Baseboards, Doors, Cabinets, Countertops, Wood and/or Tile Floors, Bathrooms, Carpet, Lighting.

Landscaping– Sprinklers and sod would need to installed in the front and back yards.

Deck – The Deck off the Master Bedroom and the Lower Deck should be repaired and resurfaced or replaced.

Guard rails and handrails will need to be added to the stairs leading to the basement.

Building Codes: Everything must be brought up to code for the City of Highland. New plans and stamped engineering report will be required.

Real Estate Agent Fees: We will pay a buyers agent 3% of the purchase price. The sellers side will be handled by me.

Title and Closing: All the Title Work is ready and will be done through First American Title:

315 South 500 East, Suite 101
American Fork, Utah 84003
The person helping us is Debra Olsen

Safety Notice: If you have small children with you, please keep them away from staircases. There is no banister or handrail on the stairs on the main level going upstairs and no guard rail for the staircase on the outside basement staircase.  By sending your Photo ID, you and whoever is with you, are assuming full liability of injury that you may experience on the property. Enter the property at your own risk. 

Trespassing Notice: This home is privately owned and has cameras and an alarm system. Please do not trespass without permission and notice. If you are walking around our property without notice or permission, we consider it trespassing and gives us the right to press charges. Attempting to open windows or doors without notice or permission is perceived to us as an attempted break-in and gives us the right to press charges.


Sellers Info:
Tom and Kristin Moore
303-957-5888 or 720-350-1210


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are the floors concrete on all levels? 
A: It was originally designed as a Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating System.  The control room in the basement with all the copper piping is connected to the heating system.  We had an expert come inspect it and he believes that the tubes they used in the original installation have been known to fail and advised that we abandon the system and install a traditional HVAC System. The are some advantages to leaving the concrete.  It provides a 2 inch sound barrier between floors making the home very quiet.  Because of the weight of the concrete, it also required that the floor joist be doubled up and closer together so it is an extremely stable floor.

Q: What is the white tank in the garage? 
A: It is designed with a central vacuum system. The piping for hoses is present with the junction boxes, however a new vacuum tank would be required.

Q: What is behind the random piece of drywall in the family room? 
A: It is a fireplace.  The drywall is covering the opening to prevent wind and critters from getting in to the house from the chimney.

Q: Where does the property line end in the back of the home? 
A: It is our understanding that the property line ends across the ditch to the middle of the berm between the ditch and the golf course. A Property Survey is advised to confirm the property lines.

Q: Can we reconfigure the walls and floorplan? 
A: Yes.  After meeting with the Highland Building Division multiple times they have confirmed that the house can be reconfigured however you would like as long as the plans are stamped by an engineer.

Q: Was there water damage at some point? 
A: Yes. There were a couple small leaks in the roof.  The roof has been replaced in 2019 and there have been no additional leaks.

Q: Does the home have a certificate of occupancy? 
A: No, it was never finished so technically the completion date would be 2020.

Projected Costs to Finish the Home:

Finished Main and Upper Floor.  No Finished Basement. Front Yard Landscaping Only. = $125,000 – $150,000 depending on finish level
Finished Basement would add another $35,000 – $45,000.
Backyard Landscaping would add $10,000 – $15,000

So here are my thoughts:
Buy the house “As Is” at $429,000
Spend $210,000 to fix everything including a finished basement, new landscaping, new everything.
Total Estimated Price to Finish the House would be $639,000.
If property is worth $750,000-$800,000 ,you would have approximately $100,000+ of equity when you move in.



If you are looking for good loans for this property, get a typical construction loan. Below is information for a Construction Loan Officer that I have met with.  It seems like a great option.

Utah Community Credit Union
Construction Loan –

Discounted Loan Origination Fee
As little as 10% Down
General Contractor or Owner Builder
1-Time Close & 2-Time Close Options
Terms available are 3-months to 12-months
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Fixed Rate During Construction

Call Chad Conquist at 801-842-6808 or


Tom Moore
303-957-5888 or 720-350-1210

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